Friday, April 17, 2009

Reverse Lens Technique

After reading a lot about Reverse-Lens technique, I decided to attempt one such shot. Reverse-Lens method is been popularly known as poor-men's Macro. All we need to do is pick our kit-lens (18-55 mm lens) and fix it in reverse direction to the body of camera and start experimenting. At the same time, it is not that easy as mentioned here. It is advisable to do little bit of reading related to reverse-lens techniques from Internet and there are plenty of details available. Note down the precautions needed before venturing with this technique.
Most of the sites advice to use Reverse Mount Adapter that enable lens to fix in reverse order on the body.
To start with, switch off Auto-Focus and Image-Stabiliser on the Lens. Make sure that the protruding end of the lens sits firmly with its body. Since auto-focus and Zoom does not work, one need to move forward or backward to get the optimum sharpness of the subject and click. ISO, Shutter-speed and aperture can be adjusted to get the proper result.
One need a lot of patience to work with this technique.
Some useful links to know more about Reverse-Lens:
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Reverse Lens Macro Photography Tutorial by Stephen Elliot
These are some of my results....
Macro -  Reverse-Lens-TechniqueMacroMargosa / NeemTime to go....
Have Fun!!!!