Friday, May 1, 2009

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

After watching a lot of marvelous shoots taken using Ultra-wide lens, my liking to own one such gear kept increasing. I had a chance to use one such lens from my friend Prashanth. Then onwards I started collecting all possible comparisons (price versus performance). Ken Rockwell is one brilliant photographer and his website is filled with abundence of information that any photography enthusiast & beginner must read. I could able to collect a lot of information from his website. He has provided valuable information related to Ultra Wide Photography and comparison of Ultra-Wide lenses. Rajesh is another brilliant photographer I found in Flickr with a lot of beautiful Wide-angle shoots that inspired me. It is worth visiting his PhotoStream in Flickr.
Finally I bought Sigma 10-20 F/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Ultra-Wide lens.
Wide Angle View
View this link to find 17 Stunning Wide Angle Images
These are some of my first few shots using Sigma 10-20 Lens.
Wide Angle ViewClick to visit my Flickr PhotoStream
Click to visit my Flickr PhotoStream
Click to visit my Flickr PhotoStreamClick to visit my Flickr PhotoStream